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Prior to any Photoshoot having an idea as to what you are after is the key. Saying that you must have in mind a budget : what will the images be used for – Marketing, Web, Print, Banner’s, etc.

Naturally the budget is a key factor, by briefing Matt exactly what your requirements are he will be able to guide you in the right direction for the Photoshoot. Taking snap shots with your phone or camera for ideas is always a great idea, so Matt has a better understanding of the way your thinking. Cut outs from magazines or image grabs from the internet is also a great way to get across your ideas.

If your really not sure what your after then that’s where Matt will come with some great ideas and possibilities for the Photoshoot.

Communication is such a vital key and by having all information needed Matt will create some amazing images for your project that will stand out from the crowd.

Once the Brief is in place, then it’s time to prepare for the Photoshoot…


Once the brief is in place it’s then time to create some awesome images. Depending on the project there are a few things to be organised prior to the first photo being taken.

Certain props may need to be obtained. Based on the complexity of the Photoshoot some time may be allocated for test shooting so we achieve the best possible outcome – Matt will know this at the brief stage.

During the Photoshoot, you the client are always welcome to be on set. If that’s not required Matt will always be in contact with you if there is any doubt during the Photoshoot.

With digital technology today, Matt shoots tethered meaning the images are viewed on a 27 inch monitor, which is great for the client when on set.

Once the Photoshoot is completed then it’s time for Post Production…..


Post Production is the final phase before you the client receives the images. Depending on the Photoshoot you may receive Proof Sheets to choose the desired images.

Once the required images are in place the Post Production will start, which consists of many variables.

  • Colour Correction : is the first step which is crucial when it comes to printing.
  • Retouching : removal of all blemishes in the subject and in some cased adding to the image where needed.
  • Deep-Etching and masks : in some cases this is needed when a selected area is required to work on individually.
  • Saving Process : There are many ways to save files for Print or Web and using the correct Profile is crucial as well.

When Post Production is complete, then the images (files) are handed to you the client…


To access your images for Downloading please contact Matt directly for your link and password. Thank you


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